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Gymnastics program – January

Posted 2nd January 2022 by Anthony Masters

Happy new year team,

I hope you have all had a good Xmas & New Year break, as for gymnastics stuff, the first 3 months is ring muscle up focused. I know some of you may be concerned that those extra Xmas kilos are gonna make it hard work to lift your weight off the ground. FYI besides a few dips and hanging, most of the work is with your feet grounded this month.

If you want to get better and pull ups and dips so you can also do muscle ups now is the best time to start. The work in this month will be of low intensity but high volume, lots of exercises and so on.

Below is the program for the first 4 weeks.

Curious about trying this class for the first time? But unsure if you are of a good enough level? In short the answer is YES, you are capable of doing the class. There are plenty of ways we are able to adapt exercises to suit your current capabilities and still give you a good workout.

If you have any questions drop me a message or IG: @mobilityawareness_coach

Ant x

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 – Eccentric ring MU

– baby MU

4-5 3-5 on eccentrics, 5-8 on baby controlled As needed
B1 Archer ring rows 4 6-8 per arm 3011 60s
B2 Strict dips 4 6-8 + 10s hold in bottom position 3110 60s
C1 Bulgarian ring rows 3 8-12 3010 45s
C2 Battleram push ups 3 8-12 3010 45s
D1 False grip hang 3-2 30-60’s 30s
D2 Ring support hold / B-bar support 3-2 30-60’s 30s
E1 DB powell raises 2 8-10 each arm 4010 20s
E2 Barons’ bent arm shoulder extension eccentrics (W/ Box) 2 5 + 10’s in bottom position 5010 20s
E3 Ring shoulder extension eccentrics (straight arm) 2 5 + 10’s in bottom position 5010 60’s