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Spin Challenge

Posted 7th January 2022 by Jenna Fisher

Hello spin team! I will be running a 5-minute challenge in my spin classes this Wednesday, 12th January.

This will give you a chance to record a post-Christmas score so when we re-test in a couple of months you can see how much you have improved.

For those who like a little friendly competition, you can enter your score to try to beat the other classes: morning versus lunchtime versus evening.

The scores are posted by bike number rather than name so you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

That said since I know some of you are motivated by competition I will create a named leaderboard for those who wish to opt-in and I will keep this going for future tests.

For everyone else, your bike can be hidden from the screen completely if you prefer not to test your score. There is always the option to just come and peddle and enjoy – no pressure to test or compete!

See you Wednesday!