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Spin Challenge Results!

Posted 13th January 2022 by Jenna Fisher

The results are in for the 5 min max-average-watts team challenge!

The 6.30am class took the lead with 6.30pm second and 7.30am and 12.30pm close on their heels. There were some great scores from everyone and a nice surprise for many finding out what they could achieve. Well done all, superb performance.

For those who entered their individual scores, Neil took the winning spot, followed by Richard and Ross with only a slice of air between them. Elsbeth, Andrea, and Lucinda rode to success for their winning spots – well done. Great job all.

Since this was just a bit of fun in class we did not enter personal details into the system for a fully accurate comparison. I will organise a weekend session in the future for those wishing to test their steel in a like for like setting. This will be a test of average max watts per kilo. This will even out the playing field and my prediction is that Ross will be the one to watch for this.

If you are interested in taking part in this event do let me know and once I have enough interest I will set a date: 

As promised, I will also run the ‘just for fun’ version in class again in a few months so you can see how much you have improved as a result of consistent attendance.

Thank you all for coming! Great turnout x