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Barbell Club – January

Posted 17th January 2022 by Jenna Fisher


The next two weeks of Barbell Club will be teaching you some new movements and giving you time to explore what weight you can lift. Often with new movements, the first week or two is lost to trying to figure out what weight to have on the bar and inevitably doing a lot of sets with a load that is not appropriate for progress. Hopefully, these two weeks will put you in a better position to know what weight to start with when these movements appear in the program over the coming months. It will also give you the chance to find out if some of the movements are not appropriate for your current mobility, for which the coach can provide you with an alternative.

Because there are new movements to learn, and fact-finding tasks re load, each session has a date allocated for when it will be taught.

Barbell Club: 18th – 30th Janaury 2022

Sundays have been nominated as a catch-up day when you can finish off anything you did not complete in the other classes. There are also a couple of extra challenges you can try on Sunday when the gym is quieter.

You will notice that for these two weeks there is a mixture of both load and speed on some of the days. This will just be for these two weeks of learning and fact-finding. Once we start the program in February the max days and speed days will be separated.

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