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Gymnastics Program FEB

Posted 2nd February 2022 by Anthony Masters

Hi gang,

So we go into phase 2 of the muscle up program, here we will be working on a couple of sticking points such as the transition from below to above the rings & grip strength.

As you go through the program I want you to observe what feels like the weak link as you go through your current variation of the muscle up. This will help determine what accessory work you do towards the end of class. I will go over this in more detail during class.

Below is the program guys.

Curious about trying this class for the first time? But unsure if you are of a good enough level? In short the answer is YES, you are capable of doing the class. There are plenty of ways we are able to adapt exercises to suit your current capabilities and still give you a good workout.

If you have any questions drop me a message

[email protected] or IG: @mobilityawareness_coach

Ant x

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Advanced; 

– test max effort on strict ring MU

– MU transition in L-sit


-Ring row MU (false grip)

– MU eccentric (banded)

10-15 mins Focus on quality over reps controlled As needed
B1 Bulgarian ring pull up ISO hold / Bulgarian ring row ISO hold 4 20-30s 90s
B2 Ring dips / banded ring dips 4 5-8 3210 90s
C1 Zotterman ring rows 2 40-60’s 4011 20s
C2 Zotterman DB curls (fat gripz) 2 40-60’s 4011 90s
Need more grip strength?
D1 Farmers carry  3-4 40-60’s 45s
Need more transition strength?
E1 Elbow on bench external rotation 4 8, 6, 4, 10 4010 No rest