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Mobility program – FEB/ MAR

Posted 13th February 2022 by Anthony Masters

Hello everyone,

Continuing with the current structure of focusing on the same area for a 2 week period. The next month of mobility classes will spend some time working mainly on the spine and hips.

For the spine we will be improving segmentation (how well individual bones of the spine move independently). Concluding with strength based exercises. Having a spine that simply moves better will generally make most other movements you do feel easier and stronger.

Hips will be on external rotation, the outer hip/ glute area. I’ve been playing with this one recently, finding new ways to mobilize this area while also building strength & control that can carry over well to a lot of other activities.

Below is the itinerary:

Have a particular niggle, tightness or pain that hasn’t been going away? And you want to figure out what can be done about it? Feel free to get in touch on how i can help with assessments / treatments or If you have any other questions drop message on: or Instagram: mobilityawareness_coach


Jan / Feb

Wk 1 & 2 (Feb 15th & 22th): Spine, my take on the spine is to restore what it was designed to do, which is move freely. Most of us have areas that just don’t move, limiting how well we perform many compound movements, think squats, handstands, deadlifts, cycling, running etc. This class serves as more of a toolbox of different exercises. For you to try out a variety of methods aimed at achieving the same thing and taking what you feel works the best for you or you like.

Wk 3 & 4 (Mar 1st & 8th): Hips; glutes, rotator muscles, focused class. This is a big area of the hip that transmits a lot of force in movements such as deadlifts, squats, jumping. These areas tend to get quite restricted making it difficult to perform the above movements with ease.