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Gymnastics Program – March

Posted 2nd March 2022 by Anthony Masters

Hi gymnastics crew,

We are heading into phase 3 of the muscle up program. The first part of the class spends a good amount of time playing with partner assisted muscles ups & forward rolls for the more advanced. There are a few ways the partner work can be done in a group setting for all levels so the first week or 2 we will spend more time here for everyone to get time to try and get comfortable with different ways all this can be done.

For the strength section I am throwing out all the toys here when it comes to exploring pull up variations revolving around challenging grip strength. Pressing strength with handstand holds of variations to explore will also appear in the program.

The accessory exercises (C1 & C2) are a couple of torture  exercises I made up to help improve those sticking points (grip, transition, rotator cuffs, shoulder stability).

Like the previous months this program is very much about exploring all the variations of exercises that share similar intents and then choosing for yourself which of these exercises best suits your current capabilities. And then mastering those movements going forwards.

Complete beginners always welcome anytime and if you do have any questions drop me a message

[email protected] or IG: @mobilityawareness_coach

Ant x

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Advanced; 

– test max effort on strict ring MU

– Forward roll/ Partner assisted


-Partner assisted MU / assisted eccentric

20 mins Focus on quality over reps controlled Y.G.I.G
B1 Rope pull up / Strict rope climb / Strict rope eccentric 4-5 To failure Controlled, focus on eccentric As needed
B2 Handstand hold / pike HS hold 4-5 To failure As needed
C1 Barons pincer grip plates 3 30-60’s As needed
C2 Barons Ring hanging bent arm pec flies 3 30-60’s controlled As needed