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Crossfit Program – 4th April – 10th April 2022

Posted 3rd April 2022 by Geoff Stewart


A new phase of our CrossFit training program is here. The CrossFit Open has finished and we have tested ourselves and we have proven how fit and strong we are but also have realised where we might have some weaknesses to work on, which isn’t a bad thing to focus our minds on.

We have some rather juicy items planned for you. As well as working on our GPP (general physical preparedness) and will be focusing on a couple of milestone workouts and looking to put some scores on the boards (you don’t need to put it up on the board if you don’t want to) with a CrossFit total – Back squats, Deadlift and an overhead press, “Jackie” -rowing, thruster and pull-ups and “Grace”, clean and jerks being our tests WODs this block.

We will publish the week’s program on the blog every Sunday so you can see what’s coming. We will stick to a basic layout for your training days which to allow you to get a good feel for the movements and the patterns of the training session and build on each session progressively. Training days will be moved around on the 4 weeks to allow for people’s diaries and make sure we cover all the bases. We are also introing The CrossFit Sunday service @ 7 30 am, this is to stop you from tying on a “fat one” on Saturday night and getting you into that competitive CF mindset if that’s your thing go to bed early, eat some Weetabix and be ready.


Monday – Clean & Jerk

Tuesday – Back Squat – Pulling

Wednesday – Benchmark workouts – Testing

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Snatch

Saturday – CrossFit total testing and WOD


Monday – Clean & Jerk

A: 2 position power clean – Floor/Knee 6×1+1 -15mins


B: Hang Clean and Split jerk 4×2+1 -12min


C: Clean high pull

4×3 -10mins


3 rounds AFAP

90 DU -buy in


Hang power clean and press @40/25kg

Sit ups

90 DU -cash out


Tuesday – Back Squat

A: Back Squats – 5×5 Reps @3010 rest 1min

A2: Pull-ups 5×5 @3010 rest 1 min



B1: RFE Split Squats 4×10+10

B2: Single Arm DB Rows 4×10+10



8x Devils Press,

8x DB Box Step Ups

8x Burpee Box Jumps


Wednesday – Benchmark workouts – Testing

BB Cleans complex

E2MO2M -10mins

7x Deadlifts

5x power clean

3x front squats

1x Thruster



30x clean jerks for time

RX 60 / 42.5kg

Int 50/32.5kg

Beg 32.5/25kg



1000m Row

50 Thruster @ 20/15kg

30 Pull-ups -scales as need (but must be pull up)


Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Snatch

A 2 position Hang Power Snatch or Squat snatch 5x 1+ 1


B Snatch Jerk + Snatch Balance + OHS 5x 1 + 1 + 2


AMRAP 20mins

300m Row /bike / Ski

6x Dball over the shoulder

12x Burpees

6x Dball over the shoulder


Saturday – CrossFit total testing and WOD

Find your total weight for:

1rm Back squats

1rm Deadlifts

1rm Overhead press

You’ll have 36 mins to prepare and do all 3 lifts.


Anthony Waller Special.