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Gymnastics program – April

Posted 8th April 2022 by Anthony Masters

Hello team,

First off big, well done to all those that got their first strict ring muscle ups, especially a shout out to Adam Gustafsson & Mathieu Jones who have been coming consistently to class and putting in the work. And for the rest, you have all generally gotten stronger but much cleaner & efficient with your movements which makes me happy to see.

So NEW NEWS! A second gymnastics class starts next week every Tuesday @ 5:30pm over in the sister ARCH 325…  Note the mobility class follows after with me, so if you want to work on those extra gains that will support gymnastics and everything else you do with your body be sure to hang around after.

With the addition of an extra class the programming for gymnastics will now consist of 2 different sessions. For the next 3 months Tuesday will be BAS (bent arm strength), continuing with developing those muscle up skills while exploring new avenues. And Thursday will be SAS (straight arm strength), for this levers, planches, handstands & hanging will be a focus point.

More about the programming found below guys!

Complete beginners are always welcome anytime and if you do have any questions drop me a message, [email protected] or IG: @mobilityawareness_coach

And do note we are running a gymnastics foundation this Saturday the 9th @ 11-1pm in Arch 325. If you have been curious about it, this would be a good opportunity to learn the basics.

Ant x

Tuesday session (BAS)

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Advanced; 

– Front lever tuck to MU (ice cream maker)

– eccentric to concentric ring MU


– Feet elevated ring row MU

10-15 mins Focus on quality over reps controlled Rest as needed
B1 Ring Hang, bent arm false grip or Ring row false grip (feet elevated) 4 20-40’s   75-90’s
B2 Ring dips 4 6-8 75-90’s
C1 Bent arm shoulder extension PAILS & RAILS on box 3 1 round 30’s
C2 Shoulder extension eccentrics 3 5x eccentrics + 10’s hold on last rep 5010 30’s
C3 Ring false grip bicep curls 3 30-60’s controlled 60’s
D1 Prone powell raises 2 8-10 4010 No rest


Thursday session (SAS)


Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Arching pull-ins 3 3-5 31X2 30’s
A2 Feet elevated planche forward leans 3 3-5 + 15s hold Controlled, focus on stretching wrists 30’s
B1 Rings front lever hold 15 mins AMRAP 15-20s hold As needed
B2 Planche hold (feet grounded) 15-20s hold As needed
C1 Pike handstand hold 3 30-60’s 30’s
C2 Single arm hanging scapula CARS 3 30-60’s Controlled, use a variation that feels SAFE 30’s
C3 Hollow hold 3 30-60’s 60’s