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Barbell Club – Weeks 13+14

Posted 25th April 2022 by Jenna Fisher

The week 13 program begins tomorrow and is now on the whiteboard. There was a typo in the original post so I have attached an amended version. The sumo deadlift does NOT have bands. This should be a standard sumo deadlift.

Barbell Club 21-WEEKS from February 2022 amended PDF

If you finish the Sunday upper body program before the end of class then add in biceps curls. See the whiteboard for info.

New members! The coach will make the following adjustments for you:

Lower body days


Sumo deadlift – 4×10 instead of rep max

Good morning – DB RDL instead


Back squat – 4×10 instead of speed reps, no chains

Side deadlift – KB instead of BB


Upper body days


Bench press – 4×10 instead of rep max. Flat instead of incline

Lat pull down – single cable with MAG attachment instead of double cable

Front delts – DB instead of sled



Bench press – 4×10-12 instead of speed reps. DB instead of BB. 30 degree incline instead of flat

Dips – EZ lying triceps extension instead