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Gymnastics Program – May

Posted 30th April 2022 by Anthony Masters

Hello team,

So here we go into phase 2 of the programming. This month we continue to build on top of the foundations we were working on in the previous month making things a little harder as we get stronger. Tuesdays bent arm focused, Thursdays straight arm focused, yes both are different sessions.

More about the programming found below guys!

Complete beginners are always welcome anytime and if you do have any questions drop me a message, [email protected] or IG: @mobilityawareness_coach

Ant x

Tuesday session (BAS)

Beginner – advanced

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Advanced; 

– Muscle up to Forward roll


– Feet elevated ring row MU / Eccentrics

10-15 mins Focus on quality over reps controlled Rest as needed
B1 Weighted ring chin up 6 3-4 5011 90’s
B2 RTO ring dips 6 3-4 5011 90’s
C1 Single arm ring row W/ twist 3 4-6 per side 30’s
C2 Reverse push ups (feet elevated) 3 4-6 4010 30’s
D1 DB elbow on knee 3 x (drop set) 8/8 4010 No rest


Thursday session (SAS)


Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Skin the cat 3 2-5 controlled 30’s
A2 Feet elevated planche forward lean pulses 3 8-10 + 15s hold Controlled, focus on stretching wrists 30’s
B1 Rings front lever hold 15 mins AMRAP 10-15s hold As needed
B2 Planche tuck hold (banded) 10-15s hold As needed
C1 Shawarma hang 3 3-5 controlled reps each side Controlled, using a variation that feels safe 30’s
C2 Wall facing handstand hold 3 30-60’s 30’s
C3 Barbell dragon flag 3 3-5 controlled reps 60’s