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Mobility program – May

Posted 30th April 2022 by Anthony Masters

Hello gang,

So for the month of May mobility classes will have a focus on the upper body and spine/ lower body. Again these will follow 2 week phases. The upper body session will address shoulder external rotation and the big muscles that contribute to better overhead positions.

For the spine & lower body we will be improving segmentation & how well the lumbar region (lower back) can move and produce force. This will also include some very interesting & unconventional strength training exercises to help bulletproof those joints further. If you are looking to improve your squat/ deadlift mechanics and Olympic lifting capabilities this is a big one guys so jump on board.

Be warned this month is going to be hard work in terms of strength training at maximal efforts, so come prepared to give it your best guys.

Below is the itinerary:

Have a particular niggle, tightness or pain that hasn’t been going away? And you want to figure out what can be done about it? Feel free to get in touch on how i can help with assessments / treatments or If you have any other questions drop message on: [email protected] or Instagram: mobilityawareness_coach


Wk 1 & 2 (May 3rd & 10th): Upper body, shoulder external rotation and Pec (chest) focused. This will build on improving the overall overhead position by mobilising and strengthening particular muscle groups that play an important role on how much active control we have over our overhead position.

Wk 3 & 4 (May 17th, 24th & 31st): Spine & lower body, building from the last couple of months, with spinal segmentation & improved lower back flexibility and strength. There will be a combination of hamstring & hip flexor mobilization work to relieve tension around the lower back so that we can introduce some advanced unconventional squat and deadlift work that will help further strengthen that area.