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Barbell basics.

Posted 6th May 2022 by Geoff Stewart


Barbell basics.

Due to the great success and the gains from our existing barbell club we are putting on Barbell basics sessions. This class will be about the mastery and simplicity of the basic barbell movements. This doesn’t mean it’ll be easy; it means the programming will be simplified with a focus on the technique and honing your form and understanding of the how and why of shifting tin.


Mondays in Arch 328 @ 6 30pm

Saturdays in Arch 328 @12pm


Barbell basic No1 Push lower / pull upper

Mobilization and Activation work. 10-12mins

Banded pulses

Banded squats

Banded pull a parts

Banded vertical rows


A1 Back squats 4×8-10 @4010 rest 75sec

A2 Pull-ups -scales 4×6-10 @4101 rest 75


B1 Front floor elevated split squats 3×12 @2020 rest 60sec

B2 Seal rows 3×12 @3011 rest 60sec


C1 Poliquin step-ups 2×12-15each leg @1010 rest 30

C2 Cable face pulls 2×12-15 @2020 rest 60


D1 EZ bar curls 3×12 @3011 rest 30

D2 Seated Incline DB curls 2×12-15 @3010 rest 60


Barbell basic No2 Pull lower / Push upper

Mobilization and Activation work. 10-12mins

Banded Deadlifts

Hip bridges

Banded pull apart

Banded top end press ups


A1 Deadlifts 4×6-8 @31X1 rest 75sec

A2 Bench press 4×8-10 @3101 rest 75


B1 Box step up 3x12el @3XX1 rest 60sec

B2 DB incline press 3×12 @3011 rest 60sec


C1 BW Rev drop lunges 2×10-12each leg @1010 rest 30

C2 Press-ups 2xME @2020 rest 60


D1 Cable tricep ext 3×12 @3011 rest 30

D2 Lying EZ bar skull crusher 2×12-15 @3010 rest 60