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Crossfit Program – 16th May – 22nd May 2022

Posted 15th May 2022 by Geoff Stewart

Week 7.


Be brave.


Monday – Clean & Jerk

Tuesday – Back Squat and Pulling

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Snatch

Saturday – Deadlift and pushing

Sunday – Service


Monday – Clean & Jerk

A High pull, power clean, front squat and press 5×1+1+1++1. E90sec


B Hang power clean and squat clean 6x (2+1) -15min


C 6min every 20seconds 1x power clean and press



3 rounds AFAP

30x cals

30x KBs

30x burpees


Tuesday – Back Squat and pulling

A Back Squat 7×2

rest 2min

Back squats 1×15 @75% A



B 6x vertical jumps

B1 5x ring pull ups plus 30sec hold at top on the last rep


5 Rounds each For Time YGIG exercise

21x Kettlebell Swings 24/16

15x Burpees

9x T2B


Wednesday – Conditioning


“Snakes and ladders”



power clean Rx 60/45

MONO- structural


10-15-20-15-10 cals


Pull ups

1>6 -6<1

MONO- structural


10-15-20-15-10 cals


box jumps

1>6 -6<1

MONO- structural


10-15-20-15-10 cals


Thrusters Rx 45/30

1>6 -6<1


Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Snatch

A 3-position power snatch 6×3 -speed E90sec


B Snatch jerk, snatch balance and OHS 4×1+1+1 E90sec


15 Mins To establish a challenging weight:

Snatch x1 -NO misses


1000mtr Rowing / ski erg/ 800 run / 50cals bike

3 rounds

6xD ball over shoulder

12x DB push press

18x burpees

1000mtr Rowing / ski erg / 800 run / 50clas bike


Saturday– Deadlift and pushing

A Deadlift  6×3,3,2,2,1,1

A1 Seated BB OH press 6×5 (pins)



B alt db lungesx8el -Heavy

B1 HSPU x ME-scales


Anthony Waller Special.


Sunday Service

Warmup coaches choice


15min AMRAP  @75kg/ 50kg

3 deadlifts

3 hang-clean squats

3 shoulder-to-overhead


3 rounds for time of:

50-calorie row

15 handstand push-ups -scale as needed

50 double-unders

Time cap: 20 minutes