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News note – June 2022

Posted 28th May 2022 by Geoff Stewart


Another exciting news note coming your way. This note has taken a bit of an abstract wonder, mostly we are chatting about gym music and the Momentum Spotify account. We do, however bring you some news of gym competitions, social events, new gym swag and exciting news from Arch 325.


It’s a bit of an abstract news note this one or so you might think but there are lots of parts that make up a great gym and community. We give a massive high five to the lifting numbers, programming rigour, sweat, cheers and general banter. As some of you may or may not know the old goat (Geoff) thinks he is a bit of an authority on a good gym tune (thinks being the operative word). We do press the Spotify button but over the year due to some clever playlists and algorithms, we have honed our playlist selection to a good few quality playlists. It’s not just random. A good solid playlist can switch up or down the mood to suit the class and the program. The right tune at the right time can get you through the extra thruster that can keep you moving during an Anthony W monster Metcon. Mr Waller has the now-famous “well naughty ” playlist in his arsenal the foresight to drop some “binging banging two-step Gaba dance hall hardcore techno low fi number” just as you thought you couldn’t do another rep, also, not to mention the much-maligned Heavy metal(ish) tunes up his ever-expanding sleeves if needed. Anthony B brings some old-school hip-hop vibes to get your head tapping and your track pants hanging low and your false grip tight. I like the idea that I bring some left-field disco, house retro feeling vibes dropping in some Human League, Specials and the monster Fatback bands “I found loving” (you lot are far too young to know) a bit more often than I should. As well as some right silly trendy nonsense when I can get away with it. Josh loves a remixed cheesy house classic, and we believe that his mum used to play him “Sandstorm” by Darude in the womb hence the love of anything over 120bpm. Don’t get me started about the spin studio and the rigour Jenna and Jules put into their playlists or this note might not be so much a note but more essay like.


Let’s not forget some stuff for diaries and you’ll want to know about it.

Summer BBQ – 18th June – We will be running a slightly different routine with all in one styled class run during the day on the hour. Followed by a BBQ and tunes on the decks by Nuno.

We will be having friendly competition will CrossFit London. Friday 1st July in the PM. More to follow on this but keep an eye on the instagram for this. Go give us a follow and a like or two.

Hyrox – November 19th – If you are looking for a little adventure in to the fitness realm and would like to do a team (duo, quads, mixed/same sex) workout, this is for you. If you are interested and don’t have a partner, get in touch with Josh and he’ll pair you up with another loving soul.



Our good friend Lucy Buschhaus is putting on yoga classes in Arch 325. Lucy is a yoga ninja and will offer the perfect Yoga Ying to our training Yang the class will be in a Vinyasa style. These are not Momentum Training Classes you’ll need to book via your Team up accounts. Current members of Momentum Training will get a discount per class to get your code make sure you check you’re inbox, Classes will start on the 6th of June and will be Monday @ 7 pm Wednesday @ 7 15 pm and Friday @ 9 am in arch 325.


Momentum Swag

You’ll be seeing some Momentum swag rocking up at the front. Our SS collection will comprise of a nasty tank/tee for those looking to lift the tan lines and also a cheeky regular tee with some nasty prints and Momentum themes prints. Keep an eye out as all of these will be pre-order. Keep your eyes peeled and be sure to snap it up when you get the chance.


Spin packages in 325

As many of you are aware we have an amazing spin studio with giant mirror balls, a solid sound system and wicked instructors and due to demands we now offer spin only packages for peeps who wish to drop in or spin is their thing.

Spin Packages

Spin 5 pack

Spin 10 pack

Spin 20 pack


Special offer – upfront membership

Unlimited (12 months, pay upfront)

13 sessions (12 months, pay upfront)

Unlimited (6 months, pay upfront)

13 sessions (6months pay upfront)