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Barbell Basics.

Posted 9th June 2022 by Geoff Stewart


Barbell Basics has been running for 4 weeks now so it’s time to change things around a little. This doesn’t mean it’s going to get complex. We are going to change the days over so if you’re only doing 1-day you’ll still get an understanding of the movement and the program.  If you want to build some tone, learn how to move a barbell and follow a lifting program this is for you.

Mondays in Arch 328 @ 6 30pm

Saturdays in Arch 328 @12pm


Barbell basic -Saturday – Squats and pulling

Mobilization and Activation work. 10-12mins

A1. HE Back squats 4×8-10 @31X0 rest 75

A2. Chin-ups 4×6-8 @31X1 rest 75


B1. RFE split squats 3×10-12plg @2010 rest 60

B2. Chest supported Db row 3×10-12 @ 2020 rest 60


C1. EZ bar standing curls 3×12-15 rest 30
C2. Standing Straight arm cable row 3×12-15 rest 60


D. Poliquin step-ups 2-3×12-15 each leg


Barbell basic-Monday – Deadlifts and pushing

Mobilization and Activation work. 10-12mins

A1. Sumo Deadlift 4×6-8 @3010 rest 75

A2. Seated Oh press 4×6-8 @3101 rest 75


B1. Rev drop lunges 3×10 @2110 rest 60

B2. DB Arnold press 3×10-12 @ 2020 rest 60


C1. Single-arm Cable tricep ext. 3×12-15ea rest 30
C2. DB lateral raises 3×12-15 rest 60