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Maxout & Metcon team comp!

Posted 9th June 2022 by Jenna Fisher

On Saturday 18th June we are having a community day of social events for our members. There will be powerlifting sessions early morning to max your squat/bench/deadlifts, metcon team competitions mid-morning, and BBQ and beer in the afternoon.


We will be testing the limits of your Squat / Bench and Deadlift. These will also be put to your body weight as a percentage to see who is the pound-for-pound winner at Momentum Training. With this, these numbers can guide us for the rest of the year and our progression and class choices!


Metcon team comp!

This event will be relaxed and fun, and for all levels of experience. The aim is to rebuild the close community we had pre-covid rather than to take the ‘competition’ element too seriously. If you see the same faces in the same classes every week but do not know their names then this is the opportunity to do so.

You can join one of two (or three) sessions:



12.30pm (this one will be added if the other two become fully booked)

Currently, the plan is for each session to be 1 hour, similar to a class, but this may change depending on demand, so watch this space.


The workouts

You will be in teams of 4.

For workouts 1-4, you will allocate one person to each movement. That person will repeat the same movement for the required number of rounds.

NB: If you do the ‘person 1’ movement in workout 1, you do not have to do the ‘person 1’ movement in workouts 2, 3 or 4. Choose the best fit of person to movement for each workout to try and achieve the highest score.

For workout 5, you will all do all the movements in a follow the leader style.

Workout 1 – team sprint

Workout 2 – team endurance

Workout 3 – individual max effort (reps) – reps combined for a team score at the end

Workout 4 – individual sprint – seconds combined for a team score at the end

Workout 5 – team chipper


Workout 1 – team sprint

4 rounds

Person 1: 15 burpees

Person 2: 10/20 cal rower (F/M)

Person 3: 15 box jumps (20/24″)

Person 4: 10/20 cal bike

Complete like a relay: P1 then P2 then P3 then P4 then back to P1, P2, P3, P4…. and so on

Score = finish time. Fastest time is the winner


Workout 2 – team endurance

2 rounds

P1: 2 mins of air squats – hip must be below knee (this will be monitored and you may need to squat to a wall ball)

P2: 2 mins of ski erg (score = metres)

P3: 2 mins of box step ups 20/24″

P4: First round: 2 mins of push-ups / Second round: 2 mins of DB power snatch (10/15kg)

Person 1 and Person 2 move at the same time, then Person 3 and Person 4 move at the same time. This works out at 2 mins work, 2 mins rest, 2 mins work.

Score = total number of reps plus total number of metres. The highest number is the winner


Workout 3 – individual max reps

2 rounds – unbroken reps

P1: Toes to rings

P2: AKBS 12/20kg

P3: DB push press 8/12.5kg (you can pause at the top but not at the bottom)

P4: Ring row (the rings must touch your torso at the top)

Score = the total number of reps achieved. The highest number is the winner


Workout 4 – individual sprint

1 round

P1: canal run

P2: 10/15 cal bike

P3: 500m row

P4: 15/20 cal ski

Score = the total number of seconds taken. The lowest score is the winner


Workout 5 – team chipper

20 min AMRAP

This is completed in a follow the leader style. P2 starts the walls balls when P1 starts the dead-ball. P3 starts the wall balls when P2 starts the dead-ball. P1 starts again on the wall balls when P3 starts to the dead-ball.

P4 starts on the rower.

There should always be someone on the rower. You can change that person at any time. You can change as many times as you like as long as there is always one person on the rower and three people on the chipper.

Chipper movements:

10 wall ball 7/9kg

15 DB hang clean 8/12.5kg

20 DB push press 8/12.5kg

15 dead-ball to shoulder (not over) 20/30kg

5/10 cal bike

Rest until the person in front of you reaches the start of the dead-balls.

Score 1 = total number of chipper rounds completed

Score 2 = total number of metres achieved on the rower


Parts of this may change once we know how many people are attending.


BBQ and Beers will follow from 1pm onwards.


Looking forward to seeing you there!