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Barbell Club 2022 – Part 2

Posted 27th June 2022 by Jenna Fisher

Well done to everyone who completed the last five months of challenges based on the Louie Simmons conjugate method.

As you know, force = mass x acceleration. This is why the focus was to lift as heavy as possible for two days per week, in a variety of movements excluding the standard lifts (so not to burn out), and to lift as fast as possible on the other two days, utilising chains and bands, for the standard lifts. The accessories prioritised making your lats, lower back, triceps, and core as strong as possible. Remember your legs can only lift as much weight as your back can support. Your bench will only grow to as much as your triceps can lock out. And so on.

This week we are going to bring together all of the pieces of the puzzle from the last few months and find out what you can lift.

Week 1 of the new phase is dedicated to establishing your 1RMs. The remainder of each class will focus on bodybuilding to give attention to the aesthetic muscles that have taken a back seat of late (- biceps are making a comeback).

The following week, Advanced GVT* will begin and will last 6 weeks (*German Volume Training). This combines strength with adding on some serious hench.

There will be a beginner option so everyone is more than welcome. New members will do 5 x 10 (instead of 10 x 5) and can complete extra accessories by continuing with the test-week B/C/D options throughout the GVT period as well.

Next in line will be the Juggernaut strength program which will run for 4-months, followed by another 1RM test in December. This program starts with beginner level rep ranges so will continue to be open to all.

Andre Benoit’s hypertrophy method will see you through December’s Christmas parties and January’s body composition will rebalance any excess ready for Wendler’s 5-3-1 strength program to begin in February 2023. (You last did Wendler in 2021 so it’s worth digging out your old numbers to compare your progress).

There is a wide range of experience in these classes so bear in mind that the program is just a guideline and will be adapted to the individual to suit all levels. Everyone is welcome so do come along and we will guide you to what is appropriate.

As the weeks’ progress, some changes might be made to the published program so do check the board at the start of class to note any amendments.

If you have any questions do feel free to ask. I am always happy to help: [email protected]

Enjoy x

Barbell Club 2022 – Part 2, Stage 1