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Crossfit Program – 1st August – 7th August 2022

Posted 31st July 2022 by Geoff Stewart

Week 8.


Monday – Squat and Pulling

Tuesday – Snatch

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Deadlift and pushing

Saturday – Clean & Jerk

Sunday – Service


Monday –Squat and Pulling

A  Front Squats – 8×2,2,2,2,2,1,1,1


B Front squats and Back squats 2×3+6 @75%A


10mins for quality

10×1/2 weighted pull building to a heavy single

Single leg squats /pistols/ shrimp squats 3x4el between pull up efforts


YGIG 15,12,9,6,3 exercises

Box jumps

HR press ups

Burpee to target -” TARGET”


Tuesday – Snatch

A Snatch grip high pulls, hang power snatch, snatch -5×3+3+1 light rhythm reps


B Hang Power Snatch /Squat Snatch

6x (3+ 1)


C Snatch grip HVY Pulls 4×3


Teams 3- follow the leader when they clear the cardio- AMRAP 16mins

300m Row /bike/ Ski

6x D-ball to shoulder


Wednesday – Conditioning

Barbell cycling. YGIG rounds with a partner -“don’t” go heavy

5x Hang power clean

5x Cleans

5x Push press



7 Rounds for Time (Individual of YGIG movements)


7 Handstand Push-Ups

7 Thrusters rx45/30

7 Knees-to-Elbows

7 Deadlifts rx110/65

7 Burpees

7 Kettlebell Swings 24/16

7 Pull-Ups


Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday –Deadlift and pushing

A Deadlifts 6×2,2,2,1,1,1

A1 Bench press 5x 3-4 20min


slow and strong ladder -10mins

T2B/T2R x6


Pistols x6

T2B/T2R x8


Pistols x8

T2B/T2R x10

HSPU x10

Pistols x10



YGIG -6min

6x Dual KB burpee deadlifts

YGIG -6min

8x KB swings


Saturday – Clean & Jerk

A: Clean high pull, hang power, front squats, push press 5-7×1+1+1+1 -15mins smooth


Work to a good weight for the day -NO missing

B: Power clean+ squats clean and jerk 8×1+1 E2MO2M +


Anthony Waller Special.


Sunday Service

“Inside joke”   12min

1x heavy clean and press

8/10 kcals

2x heavy clean and press

8/10 kcals

3x heavy clean and press

8/10 kcals

4x heavy clean and press

8/10 kcals



3 rounds

21x T2R/T2B

15x HSPU

9x burpee box jump overs

Rest 2min

ME bike 2min