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Barbell Club

Posted 15th August 2022 by Jenna Fisher

Month 1 of the next 4-month phase begins this week. This phase is based on the Juggernaut strength program. Month 1 begins with sets of 10, month two with sets of 8, month three with sets of 5, and month four with sets of 3. The final set for each week will be an AMRAP – as many reps as you can achieve with the prescribed percentage. In the third week, focus on achieving your best with this set in order to maximise your progress. Make a note of the number of reps you achieve in the AMRAP.

I have provided percentages on the BBC program so that it is easy to follow. This should be enough of a guideline for most people and is open to all levels of experience.

Barbell Club, August 2022 – Phase 1 of 4-month program 

Beginners are welcome – the hypertrophy accessories are much more simple to follow than the previous months of the conjugate method – and your coach can guide you on what weight to use if you have not yet reached a place in your training where it is safe to test 1RMs. If you record the weight you use in each set and the number of reps you achieve on your AMRAP this will be a good learning experience to build up some knowledge about what you can lift and how you progress.

Conversely, if you are an experienced lifter and would like to follow the program more precisely you can read up on it on the Juggernaut website and download the Juggernaut strength program spreadsheet from either this site or a number of places online via a Google search. By inputting your 1RM into the spreadsheet it will calculate the weight that you should use.  When you input the number of reps you achieve in the AMRAP it will calculate the load to use for the next phase.

If you have any questions do feel free to find me in the gym and ask and I will be happy to help.