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StrongCon Workout 2

Posted 22nd August 2022 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon Workout 2

Part A

E4MOM for 4 rounds – 16 mins

x12 back squat

Complete ALL of the following on the right arm, then all on the left arm, then all on the right arm again, then all on the left arm again

x3 DB swing to shoulder height

x3 DB swing overhead

x3 DB squat clean

x3 thruster

You should get approximately 90 secs rest on each round


Part B – 11 mins

For the first EMOM, the double unders are first and the push press increases in number. For the second EMOM, the double unders are second and the push press decreases in number


5 min EMOM

x20 double unders plus BB push press

For the push press:

Minute 1: x6

Minute 2: x8

Minute 3: x10

Minute 4: x12

Minute 5: x14


Rest 1 min


5 min EMOM

BB push press plus x20 double unders

For the push press:

Minute 1: x14

Minute 2: x12

Minute 3: x10

Minute 4: x8

Minute 5: x6


Rest 1 min

2 mins of double unders – max reps


Part C – 13 mins

5 rounds

1 min row – hard effort

15 sec rest

30 sec BB front rack hold – much heavier weight than the push press

45 sec rest

These timings allow for two people to share a rower. Partner 2 starts the row when Partner 1 starts the front rack hold. Once you have finished the row you must get off quickly so your partner can get on within 15 secs. If there are more than 14 people in the class, some will need to volunteer to do the bike instead.


Timetable for Workout 2

Thursday 25th August

Sunday 4th September

Tuesday 6th September

Thursday 15th September

Sunday 25th September

Tuesday 27th September