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Crossfit Program – 19th September – 25th September 2022

Posted 18th September 2022 by Geoff Stewart

Week 3.

It’s a good week this one. Tie your shoelaces tight you’re going need it.


Monday – Clean & Jerk

Tuesday – Deadlift and pushing

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Snatch

Saturday – Squat and Pulling

Sunday – Service


Monday-Clean & Jerk

Clean bar warm-up

Muscle clean, High pull, Power Clean, front squats, Full Clean

4×5,5,5,5,5 E3MO3M

3 position power / squat clean and jerk

6×1 -for quality 15min

Clean shrug -Heavy (ish)

3×4-6 E2MO2M


400m Run or cals x18/ 24

4-8 Muscle-ups

(8 burpee pull-ups)

16x press ups

32x air squats


Tuesday – Deadlift and pushing

A Deadlifts 5×5 @30X0

A1 Bench press 5×5 @3010

B Split stance RDL 4×8-10each leg

B1 Handstand kick-ups to hold 4x20sec (soft kick-ups)

AMRAP 6min -fast

12x AKB swings -Heavy

12x Hr press ups

rest 1 min

AMRAP 6min -fast

6elx split jumps or alt lunges

12x T2B / T2R


50x banded pull apart

50x banded hammer curls


Wednesday – Conditioning

20mins work YGIG per movement

6x power cleans rx 60/45

12x air squats

6x push press

12x press ups

rest 1min

For total kcals and reps

Row x2mins

2x Db devil press x2min 20/12.5

Bike x2 mins




Friday – Snatch

Snatch bar warm-up.

Snatch bar warm-up.

A Drop snatch, Muscle snatch, power, OHS and full snatch

5×5+5+5+5+5 – for quality 15min

B 3x position Squats or power Snatch 6×3

buy in 45/60kcals each

4x rounds each YGIG per round

Dual Db push press x12 @22.5/15kg

Burpees over DB x8

Cash-out 45/60kcals each

Horizontal ring rows x2min

Ski 2min

Box jumps 2min


Saturday – Squat and Pulling

A Back Squats – 5 x 5 @3010

A1 Chest supported DB rows 4×8-10ea

B RFE split squats 4×6-10 rest 60

B2 Hanging beat swings 4×12-16

Anthony Waller Special.


Sunday – Service


BB complex

7×9,7,5,3,1,1,1 reps each round


Power clean

front squats

push press/jerk


400m Run/Row/Ski

rope climbs


burpee box jumps