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Barbell Club – November 2022

Posted 7th November 2022 by Jenna Fisher


Barbell Club  – Phase 4

This is month 4 of this strength program that is based on the Juggernaut method*. The reps reduce to 3 and the load increases. As before, do your best on the AMRAP as this will help you progress. This is the final month of this program so try to focus on getting as much out of it as possible before you test your 1RMs next month.

Experienced lifters focussing very much on the strength element can reduce the reps for the accessory exercises. The high reps for the accessories are predominantly aimed at those attending class who are either new to training or more interested in the hypertrophy element than absolute strength.

I have added month 4 to the months 1-3 document so that you have access to all if you missed any of the previous.

Barbell Club – Month 4 – November 2022

*If you wish to do the precise version you can visit the Juggernaut website for further information or gain access to the program spreadsheet from a provider via a Google search. Ask your coach if you need help with this.