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Crossfit Program – 28th November – 4th December 2022

Posted 27th November 2022 by Geoff Stewart

Week 1.


Monday – Squat and Pulling

Tuesday – Snatch

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Deadlift and pushing

Saturday – Clean & Jerk

Sunday – Service


Monday – Squat and Pulling

A Back Squats – 5×5 E2MO2M


B Chest supported DB row x6

B1 DB Box step ups x6el

6 rounds

12x pull-ups

12x Db hang squat cleans Rx20/12.5

12x Kcals

Finishers -broken as you wish

100 ring rows

100 sit ups

Tuesday – Snatch

Paused snatch pull, Hang muscle snatch, power snatch


B Snatch jerk and snatch balance, OHS, Drop snatch


C Squats or power Snatch 12×1 EMOM – quality

20mins AMRAP

8x BB thrusters Rx45/30

16x T2B/T2R

32x DU

Wednesday – Conditioning

16mins work

BB complex YGIG rounds -light

5x Power clean

3x front squats

1x cluster

YGIG as you wish (reps each)

100 DU

100 wall balls

80 DU

80 Box step overs

60 DU

60 Pull-ups

40 DU

40 HR Press-ups

20 DU

20 D balls to the Shoulder




Friday – Deadlift and pushing

Deadlifts 5×3

B RFE split squats 4×10-12each leg

B1 Bench press 4×4-12

6 rounds each both working and switch

P1 16x KB swings


 P2 20 kcals

Banded tricep ext 50

 4 mins hollow rig holds


Saturday – Clean & Jerk

Clean bar warm up and get set to do some lifting.

The Waller Special


Sunday – Service

5 rounds RX 60/40kg

5xPower snatch

10xPull ups

5x Hang Power cleans

10x HSPU


rest 5min


Buy in 48kcals Rowing /ski

 12mins 4 d ball to shoulder and then gym carry – heavy

Cash-out 48kcals Bike