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Barbell Club – February – Gironda 8×8

Posted 30th January 2023 by Jenna Fisher

Gironda 8×8 Method

Last month we did general prep for muscular endurance. This month we focus on hypertrophy and fat shredding with the Gironda 8×8 method.

Barbell Club, February 2023, Gironda 8×8 Method

Requirements (non-negotiable):

For each exercise, all the reps and sets must be completed with the same weight. Do not start too heavy on set 1 and end up taking half of it off by set 4.

Aim for 50% of your 1RM but go lower in the first week to test and if you get all the reps then increase in the next week.

Complete ALL the reps and sets. Not 4. Not 6.

Rest periods must be 15-30 secs only. This is essential.

Keep hold of the DBs etc during the rest period i.e. if doing chest press, rest the DBs on your knees rather than putting them on the floor. This will help to avoid the rest period becoming extended

Once you have finished 8×8 on one exercise go straight onto the next exercise without an extended break. Set up all your equipment at the start of class to enable this to happen

This will be challenging for your cardiovascular system, that’s the point. Less weight and more work should be what you are aiming for.


In each session, you will complete 3-4 exercises for one muscle group, followed by 3-4 for another muscle group.

You can do a different exercise to what is on the program as long as it is for the same muscle. This might be necessary re the sharing of equipment. I have given multiple options in some instances to help with this.

You can also alter the order of the exercises to ease the sharing of equipment.

As long as you complete 3-4 exercises for the same muscle group before moving on to the next muscle group you will be doing it correctly.