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What is Baseline?

Posted 7th February 2023 by Josh Schouten

Olympic Lifting Basics & CrossFit Gymnastics.

This class is designed for beginners through to experienced lifters. The class will be run as one group but will have the added bonus of being run by two coaches meaning that you’ll always have eyes on you and someone to help progress and regress the given lift or skill to ensure you get the attention and pointers you need.

The first hour will be the Olympic lifting. If you haven’t lifted before or are new to lifting you’ll be taught the skills needed to achieve proficiency in;

Clean & Jerk
Front Squat

If you’re a more experienced lifter or have been assessed by one of our coaches before you’ll be able to complete the regular programme that will be running at the same time during the class.

CF Gymnastics & Skills ;

This is where CrossFit gymnastics & skills like;

Handstand Push Ups
Muscle Ups
Double Unders

will start to make sense.

Now, not every skill will be addressed in the same class but if the classes prove popular more and more skills and exposure to practising them will be available giving you the chance to add those extra arrows to your quiver before letting them rip back in the regular CrossFit class.