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CrossFit Program -20th Febuary – 26th Febuary 2023

Posted 19th February 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 7. the gains train is rolling along.


Monday – Deadlift and pushing

Tuesday – Snatch

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Squat and Pulling

Saturday – Clean & Jerk

Sunday – Service


Monday – Deadlift and pushing


A Deadlift 6×3 80-95%

A1 Ring/bar dips 6x ME



B BB RDL x6-10

B1 HSPU xME – any way you want




Partner 1 does 1 round

Bench press x10 @70%BW

Box step-overs x10

Partner 2 works on Kcals until p1 has finished a round

ME Kcals

Until  have done 300kcals total


Tuesday – Snatch

Snatch BTK press, jerk, drop snatch 3x3x3x3 E90sec

Snatch pull, muscle snatch, power snatch 3×3,3,3 e90sec

C Power or Squats snatches E90sec 8×1 @90%MX


buy in 40/50kcals

3x rounds

Wall walks x6

Box jumps x12

Cash-out 40/50kcals


Wednesday – Conditioning

“The Old Goat”

12min AMARP – RX 60/45

1x power clean

3x push press

5x Deadlift

10x press-ups


21mins work YGIG

90sec effort per piece of cardio equipment for total team distance


4min YGIG



Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Squat and Pulling


A Back squat 6×2+1 85%

A1 Weighted pull-ups 6x ME



B Single leg squats x6-10el

B1 Supported bench rows x10-12


“The Ginge”

1000mtr row or ski

into 10 rounds

5x Thrusters @60/45kg

5x pull-ups

1000mtr row or ski -same piece of equipment


Saturday – Clean & Jerk

A Push press, push Jerk, split jerk. 3×3,3,3 E90sec


B High pull, muscle clean, power clean 3×3,3,3 E90sec


C  Hang power clean and hang squat clean and press 8x 1+1 -20min


Anthony Waller Special.


Sunday – Service

12min work

BB complex -lightish

5x deadlifts

5x Power clean

5x front squats

5x push press


Hero workout


7 Rounds for Time

7 Handstand Push-Ups

7 Thrusters 60/45kg

7 Knees-to-Elbows

7 Deadlifts 100/75kg

7 Burpees

7 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg

7 Pull-Ups


rest 5min then:

Cardio 1min efforts 1min easy