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StrongCon Workout 3

Posted 20th February 2023 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon Workout 3 – February/March

Part A – 25 min AMRAP

6 bench press – challenging weight

DB complex – challenging weight:

5 hang power clean

5 hang squat clean

5 thruster

5 double DB snatch (or 5 each arm if you prefer single arm)

20 right leg then 20 left leg – step up on Reebok step with feet (low box – quad dominant) – heavy DBs

Rest as needed


At the end of the 25 mins: rest 2 mins and reduce the weight on your bar

2 mins bench press – accumulate as many reps as you can (can rack the bar as needed)


Part B – YGIG in teams of 3

Assault bike

Time your seconds from when you start (rather than a generic time slot for all teams). This will allow for changeover time and adjustments to the seat height if needed. Try to team up with people of the same height to reduce the adjustments needed.

10 secs each AFAP

15 secs each AFAP

20 secs each AFAP



If there is class time remaining: 2 mins AFAP on either bike, ski, row or run. The whole class performs this at the same time rather than YGIG.