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Barbell basic March-2023

Posted 1st March 2023 by Geoff Stewart


Barbell Basics-March 202023.  The key is in the name -Barbell Basics, you will be lifting weights and keeping it simple (this doesn’t mean easy) The program is designed to cover all the lifting bases from big exercises and bigger muscle groups all the way to smaller more isolation exercises and smaller muscle group to ensure all bases are covered.

Saturday – Deadlifts and pushing

A.1 Sumo Deadlift 4×6 @3010 rest 75

A2. Flat BB bench press 4×10-12 @3010 rest 75

B1. BB glute bridges 3×10-12 @2012 rest 30

B2. Seated OH Db press 3×[email protected] 2020 rest 60

C1. Lying banded hamstring curls 2×15-20 @1010 rest 30

C2 EZ bar skull crushes 2×[email protected] 3010 rest 60

D Lateral raises 1×25 @1010

Monday – Squats and puling

A1 Bench squats 4×6-8 @3010 rest 75

A2 Single arm DB row 4×10-12ea @2011 rest 75

B1. Box front step ups 3x12each leg @2020 rest 30

B2. Straight arm banded cable pull downs 3×10-12 @ 3011 rest 60

C1. Hack squats (goblets) 2×20 @1010 rest 30
C2. EZ bar curls 2×[email protected] 1010 rest 60

D Banded ext rotations 1×30-40