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CrossFit Program -13th March – 19th March 2023

Posted 12th March 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 10. This is the final week of this phase of training. We are asking you to test some numbers this week. We are not asking for 1rep maxes if your not feeling but just a good solid lift for the day there are some solid workouts coming your way. Work hard and reap the rewards.


Monday – Deadlift and pushing

Tuesday – Snatch

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Squat and Pulling

Saturday – Clean & Jerk

Sunday – Service


Monday – Deadlift and pushing

20mins to do.

A Deadlift build to heavy single for the day 80-95%

A1 Bench press build to a heavy single for the day 80-95%

10min -quality


Rev dop lunges x6el

4 rounds each YGIG per round AFAP.

Kcals 12/15

6x devil press Rx20/12.5


50 each T2B/T2R

broken as you wish.


Tuesday – Snatch

Snatch BTK press, jerk, drop snatch. 3x3x3x3 E90sec

Snatch pull, muscle snatch, power snatch. 3×3,3,3 e90sec

Power or Squats snatches 16min

 To build to heavy singles @90%MX


“Weight does matter”.

 partner 1min on 1min off

the aim is to cover you and your partners weight in pounds in Kcals AFAP

rest 1min

complete wall balls of total combined weight in Kilos



Wednesday – Conditioning

12min Alt rounds of “CINDY”

5x pull ups

10x press ups

15x air squats



10 rounds

3x rope climbs


9x D-ball GTOS

30x DU

Max Kcals in a YGIG to



Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Squat and Pulling


A Back squats build to a heavy single for the day 80-95%

 A1 Pull-up build to a heavy single for the day 80-95%


B single leg squats/Pistols x6-10el

B1 Pull-ups for Volume x10-12+



 alt arm Db snatches rx22.5/15



36/46 kcals AFAP


Saturday – Clean & Jerk

Push press, push Jerk, split jerk.

3×3,3,3 E90sec

High pull, muscle clean, power clean

3×3,3,3 E90sec

B Hang power clean and hang squat clean and press

8x 1+1 -20min

Anthony Waller Special.


Sunday – Service

10 rounds for time

5x bench press @75%BW

5x power cleans @ 75% BW.

4x rounds AFAP.

500mtrs row/ski

3x rope climbs

6x Box jump overs.