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CrossFit Program -3rd April – 9th April 2023

Posted 2nd April 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 3. Keep it moving people check your % on your main lifts and keep working the skills and the magic will happen.


Monday – Squat and Pulling

Tuesday – Clean & Jerk

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Deadlift and pushing

Saturday – Snatch

Sunday – Service


Monday – Squat and Pulling

A Front squats 5×3-5 85%

A1 Strict Pull-ups/MU  5×4-8



B Side single leg step up/pistols x6el @2020

B1 Horizontal bar rows x12-15 @2020


“Mashing the midline”

3-5x Wall walks between each round


DB Thrusters rx20/12.5

Wall ball sit-ups (GHD) -use db to anchor feet.


Tuesday – Clean & Jerk

A High pull, power clean, front squats, and press

  5×5+5+5+5+5 E2MO2M

B Hang power clean and hang squat clean and press 6x (2+1) -15min


Paused (shin) Clean pulls 4×3-5 -heavy


YGIG rounds 5 rounds each.

90/30 work/ reset.

6x devil press 2xDB rx22.5/15

Kcals in the remaining time

These should be “HARD” Kcals


Wednesday – Conditioning

Warm up DU skills 6min


BB Cleans complex.

E2MO2M -16mins rx 60/45

7x Deadlifts

5x power clean

3x front squats

1x Thruster


“Dirty CF”

3 Rounds:

21x DU

15x DB squats clean rx20/15

9x Pull-ups

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:

21x Kettlebell Swings

15x T2B/T2R -no sit ups

9x DD Thrusters rx20/15


Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Deadlift and pushing

A Sumo Deadlift 5×3-5 85% Plus

A1 BB bench press 5×5 80%



B rev split squats x8el @2020

B1 Strict HSPU 3xME or Negatives with kick up


3min per station 40/20 work to rest.

Thrusters rx 45kg/32.5kg

Change 1min.

Burpee -standards!

Change 1min.

Row, Bike or ski


Saturday – Snatch

A Snatch pull, muscle snatch, power snatch, Drop snatch, OHS

5×5+5+5+5+5 – for quality 15min


C Power or Squats snatches E2MO2M 8×2 @80%MX

Anthony Waller Special.


Sunday – Service

5 rounds

3x BB power snatch @60/45kg

6x burpees

3x clean and press @60/45kg

6x burpees


4×3 min efforts with 2min rest between

5x Power cleans rx75/50

ME rounds of :


5x pull-ups

10x press ups

15x air squats