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CrossFit Program -1st May – 7th May 2023

Posted 30th April 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 7. Another solid week coming your way. Again your strength work is coming to a head and there are some spices little WOD this week.


Monday – Squat and Pulling

Tuesday – Clean & Jerk

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Deadlift and pushing

Saturday – Snatch

Sunday – Service


Monday – Squat and Pulling

A Front or back squats 6x 2-3 90%

A1 Pull-ups 5x 3-6



B Standing broad jumps x2

B1 GHD wall ball sit x20.


2 rounds each with a partner both working.

P1 1000mtrs Rowing/ski erg

rest 1min and switch

P2 ME until the partner has finished row/ski.

ME 6xD ball over shoulder

12x T2B/T2R/Knee raise

rest 1min and switch


Tuesday – Clean & Jerk

A  OH press, Push press, push jerk, split jerk 3×3,3,3,3

A High pull, power clean, front squats 3×3,3,3,3


B Power clean or squat clean and Jerk

8x heavy single for the day


3x YGIG rounds

alt Db snatches x12 @22.5/15kg

Burpee box jumps x12.


YGIG 200 kcals (12-15)


Wednesday – Conditioning

24 Minutes of:

In Pairs accumulating AMRAP rounds YGIG


3 Power Cleans – this needs to be on the heavier side!

5 Pull-Ups -must do pull up -scales.

10 Press Ups

15 Air Squats


14mins work

2min per piece of cardio equipment and DU for distance/rep’s rest 2 min between efforts


2mins Hanging from rig-controlled swings.


Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Deadlift and pushing

A Sumo Deadlift 6×3 90% plus

A1 BB bench press cluster 6×2+1+1 90%



 Strict HSPU 3xME and/or Negatives with kick up



Partner 1

Bench press x10 @70%BW

box stepovers x10

Partner 2

ME Kcals

Until you have done 240/300kcals total


Saturday – Snatch

Snatch BTK press, jerk, drop snatch. 3x3x3x3 E90sec

Snatch pull, muscle snatch, power snatch. 3×3,3,3 e90sec

Power or Squats snatches

E2MO2M 10×1 @85%plus

Anthony Waller Special.


Sunday – Service

12min work YGIG complex.

BB complex – 60/40

5x deadlifts

5x Power clean

5x front squats

5x push press.


4 rounds for time:

4 rope climbs

500/400 ski erg/row

8x D ball Ground to shoulder


Mx kcals in 4mins