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Strong Con Workout 3

Posted 24th May 2023 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon Workout 3

Part A

Back squat 10, 5, 10, 5, 10, 5 – heavy for the 5s

DB hang power clean and press 10 for all rounds

Row/Bike/ski cals* 20, 10, 20, 10, 20, 10 – fast for the 10s

90-120 sec rest between each round (squat, DB, cal, rest, squat, DB, cal, rest…etc)

*more experienced members can increase the cals


Part B

AMRAP 15-20 mins depending on the class time left

Bench press – BB or DB x8

Deadball to shoulder x8

Sled push x1 lap *

Mountain climbers x30 total – or alternative ab exercise

*To avoid a queue for the sled, some people can start with this and others can do it second/third/fourth in the sequence. In busy classes, the sled can be exchanged for an alternative movement if the queue/wait is too long.



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