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Barbell Club – June 2023

Posted 5th June 2023 by Jenna Fisher

Option 1 – strength – month 2 of the Wendler 5, 3, 1 program. Continue with this program for six months or until you plateau. Add load each month as per the instructions on the spreadsheet/whiteboard.

Option 2 – hypertrophy. The workout is on sheet 2 of the spreadsheet. For the A exercises, you performed high hypertrophy reps with a standard rest period last month. This month you will perform low reps but with little rest to provide a different stimulus. It will feel easy to begin with but will accumulate. Your coach will guide you on the % depending on your experience. Treat the first week as a test week and adjust the weight accordingly thereafter to achieve the ideal workout.

The B and C exercises return to standard hypertrophy rep ranges.

Barbell Club – June 2023