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Strong Con – Workout 1

Posted 26th June 2023 by Jenna Fisher

Strong Con – Workout 1 – June/July


Part A

10 rounds

5 bench press

5 deadlift

5-10 push-ups

5 each arm DB high hang power snatch

Rest as needed

You must also complete 3 rounds of the following. This can be done at any time. You do not need to do all 3 rounds together – spread them out to facilitate sharing the bikes.

40 secs assault bike – medium pace

10 secs assault bike – max speed

15 air squats – fast pace


Part B

AMRAP in remaining class time

10-20 cal ski

15 plate GTOH

10 burpee

5 wall ball

Rest as needed



Tuesday 27th June

Thursday 6th July

Sunday 16th July

Tuesday 18th July

Thursday 27th July

Sunday 6th August