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CrossFit Program -10th July – 16th July 2023

Posted 9th July 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 1.

We are heading into another short training phase. This a short competition preparation phase. As you’ll all be aware we are having an in-house comp on the 5th of August with 2x WODs, scales and Rx and a final.   All our training phases will, of course, stick to the GPP text and the lifting basics but there will be a focus on WODs. How to approach them, pacing them, bar cycling and off course a bit of time in the pain cave to sharpen up that already well-tuned engine.

Good luck be brave and sign up now.

Monday – Snatch

Tuesday – Squat

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Clean & Jerk

Saturday –Deadlift

Sunday – Service


Monday – Snatch

Snatch bar warm-up

Hang high pull, Muscle, Power Snatch3,3,3,3

3 position snatches

2sec pause at shin, knee, pocket. 6×1 E90sec

C Hang snatch

10×1-2 EMOM

Partner YGIG per movement

3x rounds (reps each per round as you wish)

20x Box jump overs each

10x HSPU each


alt Kcals 12/15

Tuesday – Squat

A Back Squats – 5×5 E2MO2M

A2 Feet elevated ring rows 5×6-10 @3011

B Swings and kipping skills


DB squats rx2x20/15


rest 4mins


DB lunges rx2x20/15



Wednesday – Conditioning

“Hero workout”


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air squats

5 pull-ups

10 thrusters, 45/30

15min-2min work 1min rest

Kcals 18/24

ME burpee in reaming time


Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Clean & Jerk

Clean bar warm up

Muscle, high pull, power, front, clean, jerk 3,3,3,3,3.

3 positions paused Clean. 6×1 every 90sec

2/3x Power clean and jerk 10 mins EMOM

6 round each x YGIG

D-ball to shoulder x6


YGIG 200 kcals (12-15)


Saturday –Deadlift

A Deadlifts 5×5

A1 Bench press 5×5

B 5x 3no wall walks with a 10-second hold at the wall

The Waller Special


Sunday – Service

5 rounds RX 60/40kg

5x Power snatch

10x Pull-ups

5x Power cleans.

10x HSPU

Buy in 48kcals Rowing /ski.

6 rounds

4x d-ball to shoulder and then gym carry – heavy.

8x box jumps

Cash-out 48kcals Rowing /ski