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CrossFit Program -17th July – 23rd July 2023

Posted 16th July 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 2. Enjoy x


Monday – Snatch

Tuesday – Squat

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Clean & Jerk

Saturday –Deadlift

Sunday – Service


Monday – Snatch

Snatch high pull, Hang muscle snatch, power snatch. 3×2,2,2,2


3 position snatches, 2sec pause at shin, knee, pocket.

6×1 E90sec


Hang snatch 10×1-2 E2MO2M


YGIG Kcals  row/ski only any way you want.

200/260 kcals

E2MO2M f0r 20min

6x sync burpees


Tuesday – Squat

A Back Squats – 5×5 E2MO2M

A2 Feet elevated ring rows 5×6-10 @3011


B Swings and kipping skills

B1 Box side step ups x12el BW


6x rounds

36x Double-Unders

12x alt DB thrusters 20/12.5


Hanging tucks 8x slow with control.


Wednesday – Conditioning

16min Barbell complex YGIG per round

7x deadlifts

5x power cleans.

3x push jerks.

1x cluster

You call the weight- should be fluid throughout the whole round.


24mins Working with a partner.

Bike, rower, or ski is always moving whilst P2 does 2 rounds of CINDY when done change over.

Bike /Row/Ski

Score=Max kcals plus Cindy reps


Thursday – Gymnastics


Friday – Clean & Jerk

Clean bar warm-up

Muscle, high pull, power, front, clean, jerk 3,3,3,3,3.


3 positions paused Clean. 6×1 every 90sec


3x Power clean and jerk EMOM for 8mins


3x rounds

20x Box jump/step overs

10x T2B



Saturday –Deadlift

A Deadlifts 5×5

A1 Bench press 5×5


B HSPU/Wall walk skills -RX!


The Waller Special


Sunday – Service

10 rounds

9x Thrusters @45/30

6x Deadlifts @100/70

3x wall walks

To finish

60 T2B

every break does 12-15 kcals plus 1 rope climb