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CrossFit Program -14th August – 20th August 2023

Posted 13th August 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 2. How did you get on last week with tests 1 and 2? This week we have 2 more tests coming your way a rowing test where you’re going to have to commit yourself and a 20min AMRAP which will be about passing and smoothness. There is also the usual mixture of lifting shifting moving and breathing to keep you all happy.


Monday – Deadlift/bench -adaption

Tuesday – Snatch /front squats

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Clean

Saturday – Back squats-adaption

Sunday – Service


Monday – Deadlift/bench -adaption

Deadlift  5×4-6 65-85%

BB bench press 5×8-10



Split stance RDL x8el

Negative HSPU x3 @5010


Test 3-Rowing

1x effort 40/50Kcals


Accumulate 2-3min ring dip lockouts.


Tuesday – Snatch /front squats

Snatch pull, muscle snatch, power snatch, Drop snatch, OHS

3×3+3+3+3+3- for quality 15min


Power or Squats snatches

E2MO2Msec 6×1+1+1 @70%MX


Front squats

4×3-5 @ 3101 60%MX


3 rounds

20x box jump overs

10x d-ball over the shoulder

60x double-unders


Wednesday – Conditioning

Build to a heavy-ish cluster 15mins

3x Power clean

3x Hang squat clean

3x Push/split jerk


YGIG per round 3x rounds each

5x Thrusters rx30/45kg

10x over the bar burpees

5x Thrusters


120 Kcals in a format YGIG


4min as many reps as possible

alt T2B


Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Clean

Push jerk and Split jerk

4×3+3 “Get under the bar”.


High pull, Muscle clean, power clean, front squats

4×3+3+3+3 E2MO2M


Hang power clean and hang squat clean and Jerk.

5x (2+1) -10min


Test 4

Cindy WOD

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats.


Saturday – Back squats-adaption

Back squats 4×8-12 @90@ of test

Strict Pull-ups 4x ME



Box single leg sidestep up /pistols x8el.

Feet assisted Ring pull ups 4×12-16 (volume and range)

Anthony Waller


Sunday – Service

E2MO2M for 16min

1x Power snatch rx60/45

2x power cleans

3x cluster


72 Kcals

72 KB swings rx24/20

60 Kcals

60 KB clean and press rx24/20

48 kcals

48 KB squats

36 kcals

36 Kb push press

24 Kcals

24 KB lunges

12x Kcals

12x Snatches