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CrossFit Program -11th September – 17th September 2023

Posted 10th September 2023 by Geoff Stewart

Week 5.

Monday – Deadlift/bench -Intensification

Tuesday – Snatch /front squats

Wednesday – Conditioning

Thursday – Gymnastics

Friday – Clean

Saturday – Back squats-Intensification

Sunday – Service


Monday – Deadlift/bench -Intensification

Sumo Deadlift 5×3 85%

Seated OH press 4×4 plus 1 effort @80% ME

single leg box side steps 8el

practise free HS holds with a partner.

YGIG per round -8 rounds each AFAP

Kcals 12-15

8,6,4,2,2,2,2 D-ball over the shoulder

Ring dips lockout x3-5+ME

Tuesday – Snatch /front squats

muscle snatch +behind the neck press 4×2+2

High pull + power snatch 4×2+2power

Drop snatch + OHs 4×2+2

Power or Squats snatches


Front squats

5×1+1 80%MX

4x rounds each

8x Devils Press rx 20/15kg

6x DB Box Step-ups

4x Burpee Box Jumps overs

Wednesday – Conditioning

8min to build to a good weight.

1x deadlift

1x hang squat clean

2x jerks

6 rounds each.

Kcals x10-12 AFAP

2x Power clean and press

RX 80% or you 1RM

12mins work

2min per piece of cardio equipment for distance rest 2 min between efforts

2mins Hanging from rig-controlled swings

Friday – Clean

Push jerk and Split jerk

4×2+2 -“Get under the bar”

High pull+ power clean 4×2+2

Squats clean + jerk 4×2+2

Hang squat clean and Jerk

8×1 build to 90%

6 rounds

20x DU


20 DU

2,4,6,8,10,12Pull ups


Saturday – Back squats-Intensification

Back squats 4×6 plus 1x ME@60%A

Strict Pull up 4x ME


pistols x4-8el

Feet assisted Ring pull ups 4×12-16 +ME hold at top (volume and range)

Anthony Waller

Sunday – Service

Hero workout


7 Rounds For Time

7 Handstand Push-Ups

7 Thrusters (135/95 lb)

7 Knees-to-Elbows

7 Deadlifts (245/165 lb)

7 Burpees

7 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood)

7 Pull-Ups

rest 4mins then into

Row or ski -1000mtrs

100x heavy D-ball low step ups

Row or ski -1000mtrs