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Gymnastics program; October

Posted 10th October 2023 by Anthony Masters

Hello Gang,

Welcome to the October program for gymnastics, here is a breakdown on what to expect.

Crossfit Gymnastics (Tues & Thurs PM class); going into month 2 of 3 of the bar muscle up phase, I am introducing the glide kip to the skill section of the program. See this glide kip video link on the drills we will be covering, this variation of the kip originates from the gymnastics community. It is quite a technical movement that requires practice and mastery as it emphasizes very much on being strict with the rocking motion, timing and proper positioning to execute the movement well. The better you can become with this variation of the kip the easier all other hybrid kipping muscle up variations we see should become.

The 2nd part of class focuses on building fundamental pulling & pressing strength for both the strict and kipping bar muscle up.

Gymnastics (Thurs AM class); month 2 of 3 on the ring muscle up and strict handstand/ handstand walking phase. The mobility section works on improving the overhead position for the handstand and specific shoulder mobility for the bar/ ring muscle up. Following the mobility the skill section remains the same, 10 mins play time to practice particular skills of your choice.

The 2nd part of class is progressing the handstand to partner assisted freestanding handstand holds. And we will be working on partner assisted ring muscle ups (up & down) for those still working to their first rep, or working on quality reps for those that already have them. This section will consist of both strength and drill work.

If you want some specific 1-2-1 help with your gymnastics, or maybe you are having a particular niggle, tightness or pain that hasn’t been going away? And you want to figure out what can be done about it? Feel free to get in touch on how I can help with assessments / training & treatments. Or If you have any other questions drop message on: [email protected] or Instagram: mobilityawareness_coach

See Program below

Crossfit Gymnastics (Tues & Thurs PM)

Exercise Sets / rep/ time Tempo Rest
Skill 1

(low bars)

Bar Muscle up glide kip 5 step drill *see video

– Banded Bar MU

10 mins

5-8 each movement

Skill 2

(high bars)

Gymnastic Kip

(basket drill)

-practice above from jumping from floor

10 mins
Skill 3 BMU practice – Banded MU

– jumping MU

– kipping MU

– partner assisted MU (strict)

– strict MU

10 mins


Weighted Pull ups 4x 4-6, 1 x max effort @ BW 30×1 90
A2) Weighted Neutral grip bar dips 4x 4-6, 1 x max effort @ BW 31×0 90


Fat grip BB/DB cuban rotations 3x 5-8 4010 15
B2) DB/ BB reverse curls 3x 8-10 4011 60
C1) Strict toes to bar 3x 4-8 5011

Gymnastics (Thurs AM)

Exercise Sets / rep/ time Tempo Rest
Mobility – Shoulder extension, handstand & muscle up mobility 15 mins
Skill – Practice any skill of choice such as

Handstand, HSPU, ring MU, skin the cat, shoulder stand, levers, ring forward roll, etc

10 mins


Partner assisted freestanding handstand hold 4 x 30-60’s 75’s
A2) Ring muscle up/ partner assisted (concentric & eccentric) 4x 1-5 75’s
B1) Ring front lever eccentrics 3x 4-8 4010 60’s
B2) Wall facing tuck handstand hold 3x 30-60’s 60’s
C1) Dip dynamic isometric (box) 1/2x 60-90’s