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Strong Con Workout 1

Posted 31st October 2023 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon Workout 1

Format: 60 secs work 30 secs rest

After each block of 4 rounds: 2 mins rest before begin next block

In the first round of each block, count your reps/cals and work hard to achieve the same number (or more) every round

4 rounds

Deadlift + burpee (30 secs+30 secs)

4 rounds

Thruster* + hold deadball on chest (30 secs + 30 secs)

*BB or DB – your choice

4 rounds

Ski or row  Рyour choice Рwork HARD (60 secs)

4 rounds

AKBS + squat jump (30 secs + 30 secs)

4 rounds

Assault bike (60 secs) – work hard

4 rounds

Snatch DB (60 secs) – can scale up to pull-ups/push-ups if you can achieve 60 secs of continuous work


Dates for this workout:

Tuesday 31st October

Sunday 12th November

Thursday 16th

Tuesday 21st

Sunday 3rd December

Thursday 7th