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Gymnastics program; November

Posted 5th November 2023 by Anthony Masters

Hello all,

The November program for gymnastics begins, here is a breakdown on what to expect.

CrossFit Gymnastics (Tues & Thurs PM class); going into month 3 of 3 of the bar muscle up phase, building from the  glide- kip mechanics we are now progressing through drills to assist with getting the hips closer to the bar and the transition over the bar. The kipping ring muscle-up shares similar movement mechanics as the kipping bar muscle-up so will be also introducing kipping ring work into the class.

The strength section of the class continues to build better capabilities for the muscle-up.

Gymnastics (Thurs AM class); month 3 of 3 spends time prepping and practicing the kipping ring muscle up working through various progressions. During this time you can also add a second movement you may wish to practice such as handstands, shoulder stands, ring rolls, levers, etc.

The second part of class puts together a well balanced strength & conditioning workout ranging from challenging gymnastic movements to basic gymnastic strength training exercises that has something for everyone to choose from.

If you want some specific 1-2-1 help with your gymnastics, or maybe you are having a particular niggle, tightness or pain that hasn’t been going away? And you want to figure out what can be done about it? Feel free to get in touch on how I can help with assessments / training & treatments. Or If you have any other questions drop message on: [email protected] or Instagram: mobilityawareness_coach

See Program below; NOTE see video links for exercise tutorials. X

CrossFit Gymnastics (Tues & Thurs PM)

Exercise Sets / rep/ time Tempo Rest
Skill 1

(low bars)

Bar Muscle up glide kip 5 step drill x 1 round

banded Bar MU eccentric + MU *see video

-seated Med-ball glide-kip to hips

Carlo Paoli transition drill

15 mins
Skill 2

(high bars)

-kip hips to bar/ rings practice 10 mins
Skill 3 BMU practice – Banded MU

– jumping MU

– kipping MU

– partner assisted MU (strict)

– strict MU

10 mins


-front lever pulls (bar/ ring) 3 x 4-8 4011 60
A2) L-sit hold 3x 20-30’s 60
Accessory B1) Ring deadlift 2x ME
B2) Pronated P-bar PU 2x ME

Gymnastics (Thurs AM)

Exercise Sets / rep/ time Tempo Rest
Mobility – General shoulder mobility prep

– skin the cat

10 mins

3x 2-6

Skill – Kipping ring MU steps

1- jumping MU*see video

2- kipping*see video

3- kipping MU practice

– additionally practice another skill of choice if you want.

20 mins


Rope climb, muscle up, ring chin, up/ hold, row 3 x 40’s 20’s
A2) Handstand hold/walk, HSPU, push ups, dips, support hold 3 x 40’s 20’s
A3) Toes to rings, knee raises, hollow hold/ rocks 3 x 40’s 20’s
A4) DB Zotterman curls, skipping or cardio 3 x 40’s 80’s