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Strong Con – January W2

Posted 24th January 2024 by Jenna Fisher

In busy classes, form teams of 4. One person starts on the rower, one on barbell, one on ski, and one on DB.

Four 4-minute stations – rotate around. Then 2 mins all together. 90 secs rest between each station.

Repeat all (Round 2).

Station 1

Round 1: Rower (4 min) – work hard

Round 2: Assault bike (4 x 45:15) – work hard


Station 2

Bench press: sets of 5 reps. Accumulate as many sets as you can in the 4 mins. Rest as needed.

NB: if you and your team would like to do an alternative barbell lift you are welcome to, as long there is available space and it does not interfere with the flow of the class.


Station 3

4 rounds

30 secs ski – fast

30 secs squat jump


Station 4

Round 1: AMRAP:

5 DB hang power clean and press (two DBs)

5 snatch each arm (one DB)

Round 2: Repeat the AMRAP, OR:

60 burpees (ring rows in remaining time)


All together

2 mins DB lunges


Extended rest then repeat all



Thursday 25th January

Tuesday 30th January

Sunday 11th February

Thursday 15th February

Tuesday 20th February

Sunday 3rd March