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Strong Con – January w3

Posted 26th January 2024 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon – Workout 3

45 min AMRAP

8 back squat (or any other barbell lift if the class size permits the space)

6 heavy DB hang clean and press, each arm

4 heavy deadball to shoulder

16 ring row or renegade row

12 push-ups

8 high box jump

800m row* or 700m ski or 800m run

4-12 cal bike – max speed (only do as many calories as you can hold your power output)

Rest as needed

*can adjust the metres up or down according to training experience, or, in busy classes, to accommodate sharing the rower with a partner – ensure an even flow between you (one start on the squats and one start on the row). In very busy classes, share a squat bar between three people and place multiple boxes at each end of the room so they do not take up floor space in the middle.



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