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Strong Con -March W2

Posted 6th March 2024 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon – March – Workout 2

In busy classes, some start on A, some on B, and some on C.

Part A

10 mins AMRAP

5 reps – deadlift or BB push press – your choice

10 cals ski or row

Rest as needed


Part B

10 mins AMRAP

10 reps – deadlift or BB push press – do the other lift to which you did in A

5-10 cals assault bike – fast

Rest as needed


Part C

10 mins AMRAP

Double DB complex

4 swing to shoulder height

4 swing overhead

4 squat

4 burpee

Then max reps push-ups (as many as you can do without stopping, then start the complex again)


Part D

3 mins

Max reps: pull-ups / ring rows / TTR / TTB / knee raises – your choice


Thursday 7th March

Tuesday 12th

Sunday 24th

Thursday 28th

Tuesday 2nd April

Sunday 14th