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Gymnastics program – March

Posted 12th March 2024 by Anthony Masters

Hi guys, for the month of March we go into the 2nd phase of the handstand and ring routine phase. Details;

CrossFit Gymnastics (PM class): 6 week Handstand phase begins (Feb – Mar)

Gymnastics (AM class): 6 week spine & ring routine phase (Feb – Mar)

Crossfit Gymnastics (Tues & Thurs PM class); Warm ups will be focused on handstand preparation and practice, this will include shoulder mobility, hand balancing and strengthening to help get better at staying still & moving on your hands. The strength section will combine exercises to help with the pull up and the same for the handstand. For those wishing to continue with their ring / bar muscle up practice they can implement it here.

Gymnastics (Thurs AM class); Mobility will be on improving the ability to move the spine & shoulder blades better and unlocking more strength and movement freedom as a result. The strength work will involve spending time working on various ring routines of choice to help build overall upper body strength and endurance. I will explain and guide you through this section so that you are all comfortable working to your level whether beginner or advanced. To finish off will be a small 10-15 mins circuit with more basic gymnastic & body weight exercises.

See below for programming.

If you want some specific 1-2-1 help with your gymnastics, or maybe you are having a particular niggle, tightness or pain that hasn’t been going away? And you want to figure out what can be done about it? Feel free to get in touch on how I can help with assessments / training & treatments. Or If you have any other questions drop message on: [email protected] or Instagram: mobilityawareness_coach

Crossfit Gymnastics (Tues & Thurs PM)

Exercise Sets / rep/ time Tempo Rest
Warm up Handstand preparation & practice 30 mins


Ring/ bar muscle up or dynamic pull up 10-15 mins, x 1-5 reps As needed
A2) HS walk, freestanding, partner assisted, wall x 30-60s As needed
B1) Weighted chin-ups or skin the cat 10-15 mins, x 1-3 reps As needed
B2) Tuck HS hold or wall facing tuck HS hold x 30-60s As needed
C1) RIng rows Dyn. Iso 1-2 x ME
C2) DB chest press Dyn. Iso 1-2 x ME

Gymnastics (Thurs AM)

Exercise Sets / rep/ time Tempo Rest
Mobility Shoulder blade & Spine 15-20 mins
Skill & Strength


Ring routine complex of choice, Can add a 2nd movement of choice to practice 15-20


C) endurance Gymnastics circuit (will change every 2 weeks) 10-15 mins