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Strong Con – April W2

Posted 15th April 2024 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon – Workout 2


A. 21 min AMRAP

Back squat

2 reps – 20 secs rest – 2 reps – 20 secs rest – 2 reps

30-60 double unders (or alternaitve)

60 secs rower – work hard

60-120 secs rest

In busy classes, work in teams of 3 per rack


B. 21 min AMRAP

Teams of 3

P1: run to canal

P2: Pull-ups or dips (or alternative)


Move to the next movement when the runner returns.

Do all three movements then all rest for 1 minute together.



Thursday 18th April

Tuesday 23rd

Sunday 5th May

Thursday 9th

Tuesday 14th

Sunday 26th