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Strong Con – April W3

Posted 19th April 2024 by Jenna Fisher

StrongCon – April/May – Workout 3


20 min cap

4-5 rounds


5 Thruster BB

5 Deadball to shoulder – heavy

20 Walking lunges


25 mins 30 secs

Work in teams of 4*. Rotate the circuit

3 rounds – work hard

P1: Push press# BB/DB – 30 secs work 30 secs rest

P2: Assault bike – 30 secs work 30 secs rest

P3: Wall ball – 30 secs work 30 secs rest

P4: Ring row – 30 secs work 30 secs rest

Rotate the top 4 exercises then rotate the bottom 2

P1 & P2: Row or Ski – 90 secs work 30 secs rest

P3 & P4: Devil’s press, single DB – 90 secs work

90 secs rest before start again


#Or double DB swing to shoulder height

*Aim for teams of people roughly the same height so can share the bike seat height. Can have more than one BB per team so do not need to all be the same strength.



Sunday 21st April

Thursday 25th

Tuesday 30th

Sunday 12th May

Thursday 16th

Tuesday 21st