CFH Training Plan 27/04/2015 – 03/05/2015

Posted 26th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 5 of 16 Juggernaut


New Juggernaut wave and a new format to the blog post this week, its well overdue as the old format was messy.  So where do we go from here?  Welcome to the 8’s wave and a new accumulation, intensification and realization mesocycle.  Sh%^ get heavy this time around and its very unlikely you will be smashing out 20+rep AMRAPS.  As CrossFitters, and even Metconners, we are typically very good at lifting light weights for large number of repetitions.  Although, when the bar starts to get heavy we will quickly start to see a drop in the total output. Do you best to stick to the prescribed weights and don’t be surprised if you AMRAPs drop down to 10 or 12 max repetitions.

Juggernaut phase 1.10 and 1.8 are basically a hypertrophy (get more lean muscle mass) focused – you may have noticed your metabolism has been working harder last month and your eating more food.  This is a good sign that you are build some lean muscles mass.  If your diet is right you will also be storing less body fat and looking leaner.  Ideally you should be looking to build some lean muscle mass to boost your metabolism and to help burn more body fat.  Remember that 1kg of muscles in less than 1/2 the size (volume) of 1kg of fat.  So if you can put on 2-3kg of muscle and drop 5-6kg of fat, your body composition will be remarkably different, but the weight on the scale will only be 3kg less. Just some food for thought!  Also remember that muscle mass has the potential to lift more weight, something that will come in handy during Juggernaut phase 1.5 and 1.3 when the sh%6 get REALY HEAVY!

Please make sure you read my last blog post (FAQ’s) in preparation for the coming weeks.



JTS-Strength: Complete Guide to Putting PRS on the Platform
Throughout the Juggernaut programme we are using sub maximal loads to improve overall strength.  Percentages are used to accumulate quality lifts and build confidence under the bar.  Your overall PR’s will increase even though we are not performing 1RM attempts.

GMB: All Work and No Play? Adding Unstructured Movement Exploration to Your Routine 
Discovering new ways of playing with movements provides a boost of energy and interest that can keep you training when you might otherwise burn out. I’ve (stretch) have started my own 4week project to try a new movement everyday for the next 4 week. I’m posting my ninja videos to facebook and instagram

GMB: Finding (and Fixing) the Missing Link in Your Athletic Development 
As adults, most of us have forgotten how to move and build new skills –It’s the fundamental movement patterns that are often neglected and are key to continued progress in your athletic abilities. When we stop learning, our physical movement and mental development both suffer.

Strength Sensei: The Best Stance for Maximal Load in the Deadlift 
The deadlift is a excellent test of strength, and a key factor to pulling a maximal load is your setup position.  Once key point is how wide you place your feet?

Marks Daily Apple: Whats so healthy about avocado oil? 
Avocardo just doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Consider the fact that an avocado is over 75% fat. For a plant, this is a small and glorious miracle. What this fruit lacks in sweetness, it overachieves in satiety. But let’s look at the healthy fat breakdown.

CrossFit Hackney Downloads
CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet
CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet


The London Box Battles 2015 – Round 1: Movement Standards

Posted 25th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

WOD 15.1 Part A

 3 Hang Cleans (any version)

6 Over the Bar Burpees

9 Wall Balls


Hang Cleans (any version)

The bar must be deadlifted from the floor and taken to the full lockout position, hips and knees extended.  The athlete can then take the bar to the hang position. At the bottom of the hang position the bar must not pass below the knees.  The athlete may choose to mid-hang power clean or mid-hang squat clean the bar.  The hip and knees must be fully extended with the feet in line and the elbows in front of the bar at the top of the movement for the rep to count.

Note: Cleaning the bar from the floor or from below the knees is a NO-REP.  If the athlete drops the bar before completing the 3 hang cleans they will need to deadlift to full lockout position before performing the next repetition. (more…)

Juggernaut/Wendler: Week Five and Beyond

Posted 21st April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Those observant CrossFitting students will know that we are doing a mix of Juggernaut and Wendler strength training in the current 16-week phase.  The dedicated ones who will achieve the best results have downloaded the Juggernaut spreadsheet and have been doing an excellent job of recording their weights and repetitions.  Keep up the good work! For those who have not been recording your weights please do not come to the coaches and ask what weight you should have on the bar, its time for you to take some ownership of your own training and stop being a baby.

Everything you need to know can be downloaded here.


CFH Training Plan 20/04/2015 – 26/04/2015

Posted 19th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 4 of 16 Juggernaut


Realization week (week 3) should now be complete and your final AMRAP’s in the Juggernaut 10’s wave.  Hopfully you managed to bash out more than 10repetitions on your final AMRAP and you new working max weight has increase.  For those of you who have downloaded the spreadsheet and recorded you scores all of the mathimatical calculation will be automatically done for you.  For those of you who have not been keeping a record you are going to need to do the calculations manually to figure out the weights to be lifted from weeks 5-8.  The calculation is:

[(Reps Performed – Standard) x Increment per rep] + Working Max = New Working Max

Example: If I’m working with 80kg in the squat and I perform 16reps during the realization phase of the 10’s standard repetitions I would calculate:

 New working max = [(16rep-10) x 2.5] +80kg = 95kg

**The 2.5kg increment is the smallest weight increase we will use for legs and we will use 1.25kg plates increment for the upperbody exercisesin this calculation. 

Week 4 is a DELOAD week and time to let the body recover and grow stronger.   We will still be performing the main lifts this week, but at a lighter percentage in a more dynamic style.  We will also be spending dome more time on skill work this week as could all do with the chance to  learn and play.

A few people have been asking me if there is a spreadsheet for the Wendler lifts we have been performing.  This blog post should answer all your questions.


The Push-up: Why is this so hard?  You may have noticeed we have been doing a lot of Front Leaning Support (FLR) and planks in the CrossFit classes latly.  If someone can’t hold his or her body tightly in a straight line from ankle to shoulder, they’re unable to do proper push-ups. You can kick and squirm and fight this idea all you want, but you can’t escape it. You should be able to visually draw a straight line from the ankle, through the hip and through the shoulder at any point in the push-up, and the head and neck should remain in a neutral position—dipping the chin to the floor isn’t getting you to the bottom of the movement.
Anxiety, Depression & Autism 100% Linked To Gut-Brain Axis And An Abnormal Microbiome In Intestines Do you take a probiotic supplement?  Its a SMART idea as a mountain of scientific studies has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the microbiome we each develop in our intestines over the course of our lives is as much responsible for our personality and mental health as our brains are.
ITB or Not ITB…That is The Question  RUN RUN RUN…. running is one of those sports where many people end up injured.  Running is a high impact exercise that requires athletes to be both fit and strong.  Far too often runners build up to many miles with the repetative locomotion of running.  This causes a structual imbalance between the muscles that are used to run and the muscles that are not.  Structual imbalance is the cause of many injuries in all sports. Running + gym exercises is a better way to build a more robust system.
The Kipping Pull-up: How to Do It Safely and Use it in Training If you’re going to do pull-ups of any kind, one of your ultimate goals should be being capable of multiple strict pull-ups. Variations have their places, but never are they replacements for the pull-up itself. The kipping pull-up has been a point of vehement contention since its popularization by CrossFit; one camp tells the world it’s the only way to create complete elite athletic dominance and will possibly cure all known disease, and the other claims they will fail to develop much of anything athletic but will completely destroy your shoulders. It seems unlikely that either of these is entirely true.
All Work and No Play? Adding Unstructured Movement Exploration to Your Routine Discovering new ways of playing with movements provides a boost of energy and interest that can keep you training when you might otherwise burn out.
CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet

CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet