CFH Training Plan 27/04/2015 – 03/05/2015

Josh Schouten | 26-04-2015
Week 5 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT: New Juggernaut wave and a new format to the blog post this week, its well overdue as the old format was messy.  So where do we go from here?  Welcome to the 8's wave and a new accumulation, intensification and realization mesocycle.  Sh%^ get heavy this time around and its very unlikely you... [Read more]

Juggernaut/Wendler: Week Five and Beyond

Josh Schouten | 21-04-2015
Those observant CrossFitting students will know that we are doing a mix of Juggernaut and Wendler strength training in the current 16-week phase.  The dedicated ones who will achieve the best results have downloaded the Juggernaut spreadsheet and have been doing an excellent job of recording their weights and repetitions.  Keep up the good work! For those who have not... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 20/04/2015 – 26/04/2015

Josh Schouten | 19-04-2015
Week 4 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT: Realization week (week 3) should now be complete and your final AMRAP's in the Juggernaut 10's wave.  Hopfully you managed to bash out more than 10repetitions on your final AMRAP and you new working max weight has increase.  For those of you who have downloaded the spreadsheet and recorded you scores all of... [Read more]

A Student of Ido Portal’s Movement Camp 2015

Josh Schouten | 17-04-2015
My training past has included many different activities ranging from Aussie Rules Football, soccer, tennis, marathons, triathlons, Olympic lifting, basic gymnastics, powerlifting, and CrossFit.  I consider myself to be in fairly good shape and ready for just about anything. I’ve been observing Ido Portal from afar for around 12 months now and played with some his movement concepts in both... [Read more]

Where’s Annie?

Josh Schouten | 15-04-2015
Springing along - Recap of March Last month was focused on foreign fields, with four of the feats finishing in France. Fancy that. My craziest double challenge to date happened in March, pedalling 300km from London to Paris to run the Paris Half Marathon. With two friends and the Google Map lady’s voice chiming out of our pockets, we had... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 13/04/2015 – 19/04/2015

Josh Schouten | 12-04-2015
Week 3 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT: Week 3 is here, realisation week or testing week in the first Juggernaut wave.  Has your hard work produced any strength improvements?  Lets find out shall we! The number repetitions you perform in this week’s AMRAP's will dictate your "new working max" weights in the next Juggernaut 8's wave.  You will notice that the final... [Read more]

Barbell Club Phase 4

Josh Schouten | 05-04-2015
Over the past 8 weeks we have gone through some pretty significant changes in not only mind set but also knowledge in learning how do put different exercise together and why one might need to pick this over that. This next phase will see us still in those higher rep schemes preparing the bodies yet again to dip into those spicy... [Read more]