CrossFit Muscular Endurance & Movement Efficiency

Josh Schouten | 30-12-2015
What is one of the best ways to get good at CrossFit?  What’s the best bang for your buck training?  What’s the best way to “tone-up,” improve body composition, and become a machine in the gym?  We hear these questions at Momentum Training all the time, and the answer is not always what you might expect.  Many people believe the... [Read more]

London Box Battles – 2015, Round 3 Results

Josh Schouten
Round 3 Overall Results + 2015 Overall Rank Box Battle 1 Box Battle 2 Box Battle 3 Cum Rank Overall standings CrossFit Hackney 5 3 2 10 1 CrossFit Perpetua 1 1 8 10 1 CrossFit Ivy 3 5 3 11 3 Sunbury Performance CrossFit 2 2 9 13 4 CrossFit Thames 7 4 4 15 5 CrossFit Blackfriars 4... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 28/12/2015 – 02/01/2016

Josh Schouten | 27-12-2015
Week 8 of 10 Energy System Training COACHES COMMENT: It’s a funny time of year where many people start thinking about new goals for the upcoming year.  The new years resolutions to get off the couch and start training or the commitment to train more, eat clean, and get fit. So what’s the difference between this year’s resolutions and last year’s... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 23/13/15

Geoff Stewart | 22-12-2015
  Warm up Yoga flow 5 mins BB / BW warm up 5x Power cleans 5 Press ups 10 Front squat 5 Ring rows 10   Follow the leader format in teams of 3 or 4 8 rounds of each circuit   power cleans 5 70% bw KB walking lunges 20 50%bw farmers carry back to start   Bench press 5 70%... [Read more]

Weapons 22/12/15

Geoff Stewart | 21-12-2015
    Tuesday 22/12/2015   warm up Spend 10mins with a foam roller please warm up for snatches 10mins A. 3xSnatch Pulls. B. 3xMuscle Snatch. C. 3xPower Snatch. D. 3xDeep Power Snatch. E. 3xSnatch with a three second pause in the bottom position   Strength / olly Snatch TnG 2x3@60% 2x3@70% 2x2@75% 4x2@80% rst as needed   Enigne 4x each... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 21/12/2015 – 27/12/2015

Josh Schouten | 20-12-2015
Week 7 of 10 Energy System Training COACHES COMMENT: A POSITIVE ATTITUDE A peacock that sits on his tail is just another turkey. Always make sure you pack your positive attitude into your gym bag before you come to the gym. If your headspace is not in the right place, or if you’ve had a crappy day in the office, you... [Read more]

New Year Membership Offers

Geoff Stewart | 18-12-2015
Everyone loves a bargain going into the new year and everyone needs/knows someone who needs to kick start their training plan so in the months of January and February 2016, we at Momentum Training will be running two membership offers: Refer a friend* for a 25% discount on one month's membership. If you refer a friend during January or February 2016 we’ll... [Read more]

Whole Life Challenge – Part I

Josh Schouten | 17-12-2015
Whole Life Challenge 3,2,1…GO!!! Who’s up for a "Whole Life Challenge” (WLC)?.  in 2016 Momentum Training will be encouraging our members to take part in a WLC.   Josh will be leading the way and making a serious stint at the title.  Be sure to get on to the coaches about their involvement in the 2016 WLC! The 56 days of... [Read more]